Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

When and Where is this event going to be?

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Doors open at 7:30 pm.
At the Palace Ballroom located at 770 McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11218.

(Between Ditmas Avenue and Avenue F).

This event is for women only.
Please do not arrive before the opening time to give our vendors enough time to properly prepare and set up.

Will the event be Milichig (Dairy) or Fleishig (Meat) or Pareve?

This event will be Milichig (Dairy) and Pareve. There will be many participating vendors with a smorgasbord of delicious dishes to taste and enjoy!

This event is for women only.

If I don't have an Hostess that invited me, can I still join?


Zichron Shlome prides itself on having many dedicated volunteers that assist with all our vital programs throughout the year!
If this was an exclusive event (by invitation only) we wouldn’t have advertised in many of the Heimishe publications and on our Instagram account.
It is our goal to sell-out all tickets so we can use the proceeds for all the vital programs that Zichron Shlome is known for. So, your presence and participation are greatly appreciated and everyone is welcome to join.

We have set aside limited tickets that are for sale, so don’t procrastinate, order today and don’t delay!

We request that during the checkout, you let us know who referred you to us.

  1. If you were referred by a Hostess, indicate in this field
  2. If you saw a printed advertisement, indicate the name of the publication here.
  3. If it was via Instagram – please check it off here.
  4. If you need us to email/mail you a Tax Deductible Receipt, please check it off here.
  5. Please put in the FULL NAME here on who should we prepare the reservations for.

If you order more than 1 ticket, there is no need to include the names of all the people on this reservation. We will place all the tickets in one envelope. If you need it to be in separate envelopes, please indicate these instructions in the NOTES/ADDITIONAL COMMENTS field on the bottom of the Checkout Page.



If you don’t follow us on Instagram, maybe you should. Because we sometimes have limited promotions that we post on Instagram that if you purchase a ticket during a specific timeframe, you can win a cool prize.
In the past, we had Gift Certificates to China Glatt, Spoons just to name a few. We also had free airline tickets to Miami and much more.

The name to follow is @InGoodTasteEvent – here is a link:
Truthfully, each ticket you purchase is a winner. With your generous donation, you are assisting the vital programs that Zichron Shlome does year-round.

Tizku Limitzvohs! 

What menu will the event feature?

The event will have over 20 different vendors with a full delicious menu. You can visit us on Instagram to see who the vendors are.

Also, please patronage our vendors and corporate sponsors.

What is the purpose of this event?

IMAGINE -You can make the difference in the lives of patients and their families while having the night of your life!

This event is to benefit of the children and families of Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund.

When one family is experiencing hardships, we all share their pain. Zichron Shlome pioneered the movement and taught us all how to open our hearts and how to care. And for that, we are all indebted to them. By opening your heart, you too can make the difference.

This event is for women only.

Is my donation going for the expenses of this event?

Absolutely not!

We would like to thank our event and corporate sponsors for their sponsorship to make this event a success.

With their financial support, we can proudly state that 100% of all the donations from this event is going to Zichron Shlome.

Please mention and patronize our sponsors:

Is this site secure to make a credit card transaction?

Absolutely! Zichron Shlome is very concerned about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. We, therefore, installed an SSL Certificate that provides SSL Encryption of 256 bit with the protection of up to $100,000.00 in case of a data breach.

To read about the SSL Certificate that we installed, visit

The credit card gets processed with Fidelity Payments. For any concerns about this, contact Fidelity Payments directly.

Your credit card statement will show a transaction by:


HELP! I cannot checkout, I am getting an error while using my credit card!

We are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue checking out. Please scroll up to the top of the CHECKOUT page.

Right before the area upon where you put in your billing details, there should be a LINE with a PURPLE background that will inform you of the REASON that your credit card is not going through correctly.

It can be any of the following reason(s):

  • Incorrect or missing the Billing Name
  • Incorrect or missing the Address
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  • Incorrect or missing the Zip code
  • Incorrect or missing the credit card number
  • Incorrect or missing the expiration date – 2-digit MONTH and correct 2-digit YEAR (example if it expires on April 2019, you should enter 04/19)
  • Incorrect or missing the CVC code (for Visa and MasterCard it’s the last 3 digits on the BACK of the card on the signature line and on American Express cards it’s a 4-digit number on the front, right side above the credit card number). 
  • You have insufficient funds available in the account.
  • Missing or incorrect email address.

#= Indicates most common reasons.

If you are still experiencing issues, please call us or contact us here and/or we can take it over the phone:
(347) 223-0880 
(347) 482-3431 

Thank you so much!

Is my donation Tax Deductable?

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is a non-profit 501-c 3 organization recognized by the IRS. For more information please visit them at the Zichron Shlome website here.

We won’t automatically send you a tax deductible receipt, if you require a  receipt for tax purposes, please check the request during checkout and we will e-mail you receipt. Please expect it in 3-5 business days.

Tizku Limitzvohs!

Where can I purchase tickets to this event?

You can purchase tickets on this site or at the event. We strongly advise to make your reservations early and not wait till the last minute. We are only selling a certain amount of tickets – do it today! Don’t delay!

Once I place an order online, do I receive a confirmation?

You will automatically receive 2 emails from us. The first will be the confirmation email. The second will have your voucher and download instructions.

If you do not see the emails in your inbox folder, follow these following instructions.

Please Check your email Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes, gmail and yahoo will flag this email as junk/spam.

How do I get my purchased tickets?

Once you complete your purchase, we will email a confirmation email. Once we complete your order, you will receive  an electronic VOUCHER number and CONFIRMATION ticket that you should bring along with you at the event.

The ticket has a special number that is your unique number. DO NOT share it, because it can only be used once!

Duplicates will not be honored.

See below the instructions how to print:


What if I cannot print my ticket ( I am using a mobile phone etc.)?

That is not a problem.

At the entrance of the event there will be a TICKET and GIFT pick up counter.

You will need to provide us your order confirmation number, or your unique ticket number and we will print it out for you.

Will I be able to pick up my ticket?


Please use the contact us form and we will contact you and give you the details.

Can I exchange my gift?

If your gift was received damaged, please contact us and we will accommodate to get you a replacement.

Due to the overwhelming response, we will not be able to do any exchanges or refunds.

Can I receive a refund if I couldn't make it to the event?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to refund your donation. All donations are final. No refunds and/or exchanges.

If you happen to make a donation after the time of the event, we ‘might’ be able to get you the gift, and we will process your donation as Tzedakah. Tizku LiMitzvohs!

Will there be Valet Parking at the event?

Absolutely! Rain or shine, we will have a great time!

I have a question that is not listed here, what can I do?

Please contact us on our contact us page and we will try to respond to you right away.

Thank you!


Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler know only too well the hardships that a family experiences when a member is stricken with a cancer illness. Over the past 26 years, Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund has touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families, by easing their overwhelming burden.They  dispense financial help providing for many important needs.

The loss of their young son Shlome was the impetus that set this dynamic organization in motion.  In 1987, after a three year battle with leukemia, Shlome passed away, in the prime of his life. Wise beyond his years, Shlome pleaded with his father, shortly before his passing, to fulfill a heartrending request. “Tatty, don’t forget me. Please do something to help others who suffer as I do, in my memory.”

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund was thus founded with the mission of creating an island of tranquility for cancer patients and their families, amidst the turmoil of their storm. Patients who receive help to alleviate the extra burdens that accompany a cancer illness are better equipped to courageously battle their illness. Today, Zichron Shlome is a major Chessed organization serving myriads of families.

Zichron Shlome’s mandate is that that no one should ever suffer alone.